The CEC has estimated the cost of presidential elections

The CEC has estimated the cost of presidential elections

Almost 3.5 billion roubles returned to the budget.


The CEC approved the report on budget expenses on the presidential election. From that moment the electoral campaign is officially completed. In total, the budget for the presidential elections was laid 17,698 billion rubles, said the Chairman of the Central electoral Commission Nikolay Bulaev. They had spent 14,259 billion.

The remaining funds, the CEC will return to the budget. Mostly (3,113 bn) of this money rezervirovaniya in case you will need a second round of voting. Another 325 million rubles of the election commissions were able to save.

“We think that’s very decent money, which managed to save,” says Bulaev. According to him, some part of these funds can be directed to the development of electoral systems, as happened after the parliamentary elections (then the money saved went into the making of Cohiba — complexes of processing of ballots), but it is not a simple task and will require additional approvals from the Ministry of Finance.

The main item of expenditure on elections is the provision of activities of precinct election commissions. It spent 14,052 billion rubles, the Central election Commission spent $ 84.9 million RUB. and amounted to 361 million in centralized costs — for the regional election commissions purchased stamps, special statements and campaign materials.

On voter education the CEC spent 695 million rubles, of which 419 million cost of advertising, 255,7 million printed materials. Audio and video materials were the cheapest — they spent 21,1 mln.