Scoop and love

Scoop and love

Why the culture of weddings has not changed in Russia for decades.

With the onset of summer in the high wedding season. Despite the fact that according to surveys only 9% of our citizens are willing to spend considerable sums on the celebration, in fact, when it comes to a marriage proposal, it often turns out that the bride or groom since childhood, he dreamed of a beautiful wedding. Often those who cannot afford to walk in a big way, taking out loans, not to fall face in the dirt in front of relatives and friends. Why the Russians are willing to part with for fabulous sums for the special day — versed portal

From limousine convertible

Wedding excitement from year to year only increases: the place in the wedding Palace is painted, in restaurants there are no available dates, the wedding experts work seven days a week. In each summer month in Russia is over 100 thousand marriages, the peak of mating activity of Russians during July and August.

Last year the marriage statistics set a new record and marriage were combined over two million people.

This statistic includes those couples that was limited to a civil ceremony, and those who gave the feast, with dozens or even hundreds of guests.

Modern weddings have moved away from the paraphernalia of the 1990s- beginning of 2000-ies. Was replaced by new trends: the limousines have announced a vulgarity and was replaced by convertibles and vintage cars, the word “toastmaster” was not worthy of self-respecting “professional master”, and the event was surrounded by an aura of uniqueness, originality, special style and an individual approach. Which ultimately affected the cost and newlyweds comes in a round sum.

After all, if in the beginning of the century for the wedding was enough of white dresses and dinner with a limo, but now the couple is surrounded by an army of narrow wedding professionals. Coordinator, florist, decorator, photographer, videographer, stylist, presenter, animator, recorder, DJ — this is not a complete list of the strangers who are present on a family holiday.

Even for a person with average income, the wedding was the fashion event.

The market of wedding professionals has grown rapidly, and do young couples have become more meticulous approach to every detail of their special day. Our database the largest in Runet, the wedding specialists “Kiss.”ru was registered more than 3.5 thousand photographers, 1700 leading, over 800 designers. About 600 of wedding agencies that offer turnkey organisation of 300 thousand rubles and up to infinity. Judging by the number of specialists, is not difficult to conclude that services are in enormous demand, despite the high cost.

Back in the vulgar

Preparation time for the wedding over the past 25 years has increased from 1-2 months up to 5 months — 1.5 years on average. This is due, primarily, to the increase of costs of holding the celebration. This conclusion was made by researchers of the Department of management at HSE in Saint-Petersburg that prepared a draft on how to change the culture of wedding feasts in Russia.

“The 1990s were the years of breaking behavior patterns. The society searched for other targets and formats of expression, not so often resorting to what was considered vulgar. Unfortunately, in the 2010s, everything was back to normal, and even more giperplazirovannom. Many traditions and models of wedding behavior is difficult to characterize any other word than “vulgarity”. It is implanted in consumer models, the behavior of the elite and the media. Many young people, and not only from them, dominated by a conspicuous pattern of behavior: I want to prove myself. In my opinion, moderate manifestations of asceticism that had been characteristic for the last century, now mostly lost. Although it is impossible to speak about it, certain categories of the population still choose a more modest and friendly format”, — told the portal study leader, Professor, St. Petersburg school of Economics and management Valery Gordin.

In Moscow the average cost of a wedding nearing the level of 2 million rubles, in St. Petersburg, the price tag is lower, but again committed to a million.

If we compare these amounts with the average level of wages, it is possible to conclude that the Russians are willing to spend on this event the amounts are not comparable with their income. However, the high cost of the event is one of the reasons why the Russians began to postpone marriage. If in the beginning 1990-x years the age of marriage was about 21-25 years for both spouses and the costs usually assumed by the parents, now the average age of brides reached the mark of 30 years, and the groom is 30-35 years.

“25 years ago the main goal was to make a wide table, to feed all the guests, to show that you can do it. Now, however, it is important to create a unique concept and idea unique wedding. The idea of going completely counter to all pre-existing ideas. However, this efficacy applies to a certain extent”, the study says the HSE.