Latvian firefighters caught on the fly man fell from the window

Latvian firefighters caught on the fly man fell from the window

RIGA, may 31 — RIA Novosti. Employees of the State firefighting and rescue service (SFRs) Latvia rescued a man who fell from the fourth floor window, catching it on the fly, reported on page offices in Facebook.

Employees of the firefighting and rescue services were called to an apartment building, on the windowsill of the fourth floor was a man. Rescuers decided not to attempt to enter the apartment.

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“Thanks to the caring neighbors employees GPS were able to get to the apartment on the floor below and get ready to catch the man on the fly. Also they are using climbing equipment tried to get close to the man on the windowsill from the roof of the building, but noticed that his hands slipped and he falls. Firefighters who were on the floor below, managed to catch it on the fly by the legs and pulled through the window”, — reported in GPS.

“Our work is extremely important bravery and dedication, therefore, the actions of firefighters in this situation, the ability to think outside the box do deserve respect. The result was saved lives”, — told reporters the head of the GPSS Oscar Abolins.

State fire and rescue service and the interior Ministry promised to reward the employees for their bold and quick action, and also for the shown initiative in saving human life.

On the page of the Ministry also published a video of the incident.

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