Bashar al-Assad is ready to negotiate with Pro-American Kurdish forces

Bashar al-Assad is ready to negotiate with Pro-American Kurdish forces

The President of Syria Bashar Assad in interview to television channel RT said he will invite representatives of the Syrian democratic forces (SDS), which consist of the Kurds and is getting support from Washington, “to live together with each other, as the Syrians with Syrians.”

The existence of SDS in its current form, President Assad called “problem”. “After we liberated Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor, HOMS and Damascus now, in the deck of the U.S. there are fewer cards, — said Mr. Assad.— Their (USA.— “B”) main asset was a “Front EN-Nusra”, which was called “moderate”, until it became clear that this is the same “al-Qaeda” (both organizations are banned in Russia.— “B”), with which the United States was supposed to fight. Came the scandal, and the Americans began to look for a new card.

She began the Syrian democratic forces, because as we advance and neutralizing terrorists is the only problem in the country now are they.

To build a dialogue with opponents of Bashar al-Assad is planning on the basis of a General distrust of Washington.

“We believe they (Kurdish VTS.— “B”) I love my country and do not want to be puppets of foreign forces. So that starting positions have in common. We all don’t trust the Americans, and not for the first decade,” — said the Syrian President.

However, if the negotiations with the Kurds will fall, Bashar al-Assad is ready to the military option. “Other options we simply do not, regardless of American presence. This is our land, and free it is our right and duty,” he said.

Kirill Krivosheev

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