Arkady Babchenko has disclosed details of the RAID with the imitation of his murder

Arkady Babchenko has disclosed details of the RAID with the imitation of his murder

Journalist Arkady Babchenko said the Russian service Bi-bi-si details of the special operation of the SBU, during which it was simulated his assassination. He stated that he considers the story “a fake.” In his opinion, the operation had averted a crime and gather the necessary evidence base.


Mr Babchenko said that he wanted to refuse participation in the operation, but “it was impossible, so I had to work.” “When you show all your documents, wife, home pictures, these photos, which were only in Russian the passport office, you will not wonder, not fake whether it is the news. You think about how to survive,” he said.

The journalist said that his wife knew about the operation. She called the police and an ambulance. In the morgue, Mr. Babchenko was forced to play dead until he closed the gate. Then the journalist was taken to the orderly room where he was watching the news about the “murder”. Later he was taken to a safe place.

To a question whether he feared that as a result of the history of imitation of the murder affected his reputation as a journalist, Mr. Babchenko said, “When you come to and say, here’s the order to kill you, you will take a proud pose and say: I think about the reputation of the media, let me kill you! Forward!”

June 29, the Ukrainian government announced the “death” of Arkady Babchenko in Kiev in an attack. The next day at a press conference SBU has announced that “murder” was a special operation. The journalist at the same press conference said that a month ago learned from the security officers about the murder attempt on his life and agreed to participate in the simulation.