Accused of beating Dj Smash will appear before court

Accused of beating Dj Smash will appear before court

PERM, may 31 — RIA Novosti. The Perm Prosecutor approved the indictment on criminal case about beating Dj Smash against ex-Deputy Alexander telepneva and his friend Sergey Vankevich, according to the Prosecutor’s office of Perm region.

According to investigators, the conflict between the accused and Andrey Shirman (Dj Smash) occurred in the Perm night club “House of Culture”. During the fight, the musician suffered a broken jaw, closed cherepno-a brain trauma and concussion. To recovery Dj Smash took three weeks. In fact the fight was a criminal case about the deliberate infliction of harm to health of average gravity, committed by a group of persons from hooligan motives (article 112 of the criminal code).

Earlier the lawyer of the victim Evgeny Vasev told RIA Novosti that the investigative actions on criminal case is over, the conflict parties acquainted with the investigation materials.

“Criminal case is directed to Lenin district court of Perm for consideration on the merits”, — stated in the message.