The person needs 50 hours to make friends

The person needs 50 hours to make friends

According to a study at the University of Kansas (USA), published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, casual interlocutors may well become good friends in just 50 hours of intercourse.

Closer relations require a correspondingly longer time: to raise your awareness to the level of familiarity will need an additional 40 hours of communication. Overall, 90 hours is long enough that a person could ask his new friend, for example, to water flowers in the apartment during the absence.

Much more time was needed to form a strong friendship — breaking the mark of 200 hours of communication, people can become best friends, understanding each other perfectly, with own system of gestures, signs and even their own, incomprehensible to the rest of the jokes.

According to study author Jeffrey Hall, a child can build relationships easier — the children are literally forced to make contact with peers.

This is due to many hours of interaction in class, at recess and at lunch, electives, and socialising outside of school. As adults, people focus on building a career, and after a hard 50-hour work weeks just don’t want to make contact with strangers, choosing a watching your favorite TV series. Meanwhile, this time could be used to make friends with someone.

According to Professor Hall, the human brain is able to perceive about 150 friendships of various degrees of interaction, including friendship, Dating or a friendly relationship. To determine this status, he made a special calculator, which can calculate the degree of friendly relations.