The horse is characterized by human emotions

The horse is characterized by human emotions

Experiments by British scientists showed that horses can remember the expression of the human persons. They can use this information in order to recognize, with what intentions they were approaching people. Read more about the work of scientists from the University of Sussex and University of Portsmouth describes in the pages of Current Biology.

Scientists photographed the faces of the two people in two different versions — “evil”, in which the man frowned, “good,” on which he smiled and in every way to his disposal. Then these pictures along with others were shown within two minutes, 21 domestic horse.

The next day the horses had shown no pictures, and the same people live. The expression on the faces of the participants of the experiment was neutral. Scientists said that if the horse saw yesterday “negative” picture of the man, she reluctantly walked with him to the contact. Otherwise, the horse refers to a person favorably.

Horses can not only “read” human emotions, but to remember the “previous” expression of a human face — that is something with which the horse had met him earlier in the day. Most importantly, depending on these data, the horse accordingly changes its behavior.Karen Maccompress from the University of Sussex

According to the previous study Professor McComb, horses can compute an insecure person in his position.

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