Trump said that the US is “not playing games” with the DPRK

Trump said that the US is “not playing games” with the DPRK

WASHINGTON, April 29 — RIA Novosti. American President Donald trump said that the US is “not playing games” with the DPRK, and a meeting with the leader of this country Kim Jong-UN must be held within three to four weeks.

According to him, currently in North Korea, “there is a lot of good things.” “We’re not playing games,” said the US President, speaking at a rally in Michigan.

Trump said that three or four months ago, his critics said that the US action against North Korea might lead to nuclear war. “No, by force, we will avoid it,” he added.

The American leader also said that his meeting with Kim Jong-UN needs to take place in “three or four weeks.”

On Friday, Kim Jong-UN was found in the demilitarized zone with South Korean President mun Jae-Another, becoming the first North Korean leader who passed through the military demarcation line in the area of responsibility of South Korea.

The summit adopted a joint Declaration in which North Korea and South Korea declared intention to achieve a complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, to improve relations, aiming for shared prosperity and peaceful reunification.

After a planned inter-Korean summit meeting, Kim Jong-UN with trump. Earlier, the US President said that there are three or four possible dates and places of his meeting with the DPRK leader.