Russia first showed shock drones “Corsair”

Russia first showed shock drones “Corsair”

At the rehearsal of the Victory parade held on red square in Moscow on the night of 27 April 2018, was first introduced helicopters and attack drones. “Le Corsaire”, designed for reconnaissance, delivery of goods, strikes and electronic warfare. Rehearsal video published by the TV channel “Star”.


Aircraft “Corsair” built from composite materials for aerodynamic scheme with a pusher propeller, has a mass of about 200 kilograms and can carry guided missiles “Attack”, and multi-purpose rocket-propelled grenades. Containers for ammunition shown with the apparatus on a truck.

Helicopter “Corsair” built under the scheme with coaxial rotors, which gives it high maneuverability. In contrast to the aircraft type, it can take off and land from small and unprepared sites, it can be used as in the army and in the Navy. The drone is armed with both managed and unmanaged missiles.

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