China grows 6 billion cockroaches per year. Why?

China grows 6 billion cockroaches per year. Why?

China grows cockroaches on an industrial scale. Each cockroach farm — the size of two football fields. But who and why cockroaches, especially in such quantities?

Many people think cockroaches are disgusting insects, but for the Chinese pharmaceutical industry, they were good business in the country there is a widespread belief that cockroaches are beneficial to health.

Fried cockroaches in China and other Asian countries eat a centuries, but now these insects bred on special farms giant.

In the city of Xichang in the South-West of the country, a pharmaceutical company grows six billion cockroaches annually.Artificial intelligence

Cockroaches bred in the building, an area of two football fields, writes South China Morning Post.

Within were rows of shelves on which lay the cell with food and water.

The building is warm and wet, and dark.

Inside the building, the cockroaches are free, and can run where they want and breed. But the building itself is almost sealed, and access to it for people severely restricted.

Cockroaches this farm will never see the light of day.