The woman made fun of how to care for your cat (photos)

The woman made fun of how to care for your cat (photos)

And we know it.

Pet owners know what it’s like to part with their Pets, for example, during a vacation or business trip. People who come in to feed and look after cats and dogs, should be as informed about how to care for the animals.

The mistress of the four seals decided not just to explain motocicle how to handle her Pets. She wrote their detailed biography, character traits, habits and food preferences, as well as attached pictures of animals to make them easier to identify.

So my mom went on vacation and printed out illustrated bios for each of her four cats for the cat sitter

— Allison F.? (@ablington) April 21, 2018

For example, the first cat named Putouts (also responds to Poots, PU and PU-dots) is very modest — it will take some time, so she grew bolder and went out to a stranger. She loves when you scratch her tummy, and gets along well with other cats, except for Jack, who takes her food.

Here are the other two cat bios to satisfy your needs. Lucy and Jack.

— Allison F.? (@ablington) April 22, 2018

The second pet — Cooper — “quiet cat who doesn’t need lots of attention.” But for food he is willing to endure some tenderness. The most friendly cat in the family — Lucy, who “loves everyone, including strangers and even the mailman”. She is the sister of Cooper and best friend Putouts. Lucy has some problems with digestion — she is eating fast and it can pull. But because her food first and serve in small portions, to eat slowly.

And finally, the last member of the cat family — a rowdy cat named Jack, who loves to chase the other fellow and “drooling, when the noises”.