Trump believes that the Makron he changed his mind about Iran after talks in the White house

Trump believes that the Makron he changed his mind about Iran after talks in the White house

WASHINGTON, April 26. /TASS/. The President of France Emmanuel macron has changed his view on the situation with Iran after talks in the White house. On Thursday in interview to TV channel Fox News said the American leader Donald trump.

“I can speak from my point of view, but he, I believe, is now looking at Iran very differently than before he entered the Oval office. I think it’s important. He understands what I assume when talking about Iran,” said trump.

The US President once again blamed the previous administration that it went to “terrible deal with Iran”, and which to the Islamic Republic “in barrels and boxes of the aircraft” was smuggled $1.8 billion in cash. “And all they (the Iranians) are doing is shouting: “Death to America!” said trump.

“And, by the way, they never shout it. We haven’t seen their small boats around our ships in the ocean, because they know that if they continue to swim around the ships that soon they (the Iranian boats) there will not be”, — says the head of state.

Speaking Wednesday at a press conference in Washington at the end of his state visit to the USA, macron said that no matter what the decision of his us counterpart, Paris considers it necessary to work on a new, broader agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. He noted that “France would preserve the agreement with Iran does not want escalation”. According to Macron, this requires a new, broader agreement that would cover not only the nuclear program of the middle East countries, but ballistic and stabilization of the situation in the region as a whole.

Five permanent Security Council (SC) of the United Nations (Russia, UK, China, USA and France) and Germany agreed with Iran a Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) aimed at resolving the crisis over its nuclear development, Tehran, in July 2015. This arrangement provides for the lifting of sanctions imposed previously against Iran the UN security Council, the US and the EU. In return, Tehran committed to limit its nuclear activities, putting it under international control. The deal entered the stage of implementation in January 2016.

The agreement has been repeatedly criticized by trump, who must periodically renew the freeze us sanctions against Iran, as stipulated in the agreement. Following the deadline will expire on may 12. It is anticipated that trump will renew sanctions, which would mean the actual Washington’s refusal to perform the AGREEMENT. Tehran said earlier that maybe the answer is to return to its nuclear development.