Not gonna get us. Can the US make up for the lag in the development of hypersonic weapons

Not gonna get us. Can the US make up for the lag in the development of hypersonic weapons

After the presentation of the Russian hypersonic missiles “Dagger” the United States rushed to catch up with Russia. If the military-industrial giant Lockheed Martin awarded $1 billion to quickly develop for the Pentagon the same weapon?


The American military-industrial giant Lockheed Martin will receive nearly $1 billion from the U.S. Department of defense for the creation of complex hypersonic aircraft and rocket. Given the success of Russian companies in the development of hypersonic weapons, the company will not just catch up but overtake the Russian experts in the condition of acute shortage of time.

The technology of tomorrow

The importance of hypersonic weapons as a means of combating the enemy on land and at sea is simple: a hypersonic ramjet engine gives a tremendous increase in flight speed compared to modern cruise missiles with korotkosherstnye jet engines.

Besides, hypersonic weapons allows to reduce flight time to a minimum.

Similar results were achieved in Motorsport, “lifting” the usual sedans and hatchbacks to sports “steroids” — turbo modified engines.

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The possession of such weapons if not changes the image of the armed forces as a whole, it definitely rewrites the rules of the game. Through the use of modern means of detection, increased range and increased several times the speed of flight time to failure of all types of targets hypersonic missiles is reduced to 10 minutes, and the use of such weapons as a means of attacking any target within the globe may be affected within the hour.

With increased speed characteristics of a hypersonic missile was able to “take on Board” a greater quantity of fuel and the warhead increased power. The key types of media hypersonic weapons determined in advance — they will be large surface ships, submarines, and fighter jets and strategic bombers.

In the race for the possession of hypersonic weapons in Russia, there is the advantage of the flagships of the Russian Navy, the heavy nuclear cruiser “Peter the Great” and “Admiral Nakhimov” unable to hypersonic systems “Zircon” in the framework of the planned for the next few years upgrading. Hypersonic missiles, air-based “Dagger”, a carrier which became the MiG-31 has already been put on combat duty.

In the current environment the us military must create an effective means of opposition, but to make up for own delay in the development of missile armament.

Hand washes

Breakthrough in fully adapted for combat use hypersonic missiles was not since the beginning of the first experiments on such technologies — developers had to create the means of management and control of a hypersonic missile from scratch. Great success the winners of the new tender, specialists Lockheed Martin, the weapons were few, and in this lies the main mystery of the victory of the company in the competition to develop hypersonic weapons.