The Banquet on the side

The Banquet on the side

Alexander Likholetov about who and how to make the consequences of the Chernobyl disaster.


On the eve of the anniversary of the Chernobyl accident “Spark” found out, who and how to make the fight against radiation.

In may, the deadline of the new safe confinement (NSC), called in common parlance “the Arch”. It was erected over the old sarcophagus of the 4th power unit of Chernobyl nuclear power plant destroyed by an explosion on 26 April 1986. Since the creation of the NSC the money on the subsequent dismantlement of the Shelter (the sarcophagus) and the design of the reactor, and the contents of the Arch should be allocated exclusively from the budget. Kiev said that the entire amount had not. From the plans he refuses. Hence, it is based on the extension of financial assistance from outside. But will she? Where Kiev has the confidence that foreign countries and this time will help to understand “Light”.

To drop to a source

Still shortfall in the funding of programmes implementation Plan (SIP) for Chernobyl nuclear power plant approved “seven” in 1997, did not arise. Although the problem was: to recall the scandal when Kiev intends to tax are supplied for Chernobyl financial assistance. Then he changed his mind and the West has continued to transfer money.

During this time, expenditure on the construction of the Arch increased more than in 6 times — from $ 250 million to 1.55 billion euros.

And that’s just one object! In General, implementation of POM has cost all parties “concession” to 2.3 billion euros. Thus a 22-point POM deadlines were met only with the stabilization of load-bearing structures of the sarcophagus (40 million euros) that Ukraine has taken on equal footing with Russia.

Kiev while swore that foreign money is going strictly by appointment and are transferred directly to suppliers and builders. In the summer of 2016, the General Director, Chernobyl nuclear power plant Igor Gramotkin said that “not one penny, not one dollar or one Euro cent international technical assistance to the accounts of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is not supplied at all”. However, the investigators of the district courts of Kiev answered that I consider the leadership of the NPP organizer not only illegal enumeration of state funds for dismantling the metal station, but also the attribution of international assistance. A year later, this thesis almost word for word repeated the auditors of the accounting chamber of Ukraine, saying that SSE “ChNPP” “received about 11 billion (25 billion rubles.— “On”) at the expense of international technical assistance”.

And the members of the Ukrainian emergencies Ministry told the author of this article about one of the leaders of the Ministry, who on the issues of Chernobyl did in the day of money equal to the cost of an apartment in the center of Kiev. Think about it: a day! And he is not alone…

Choosing the most expensive construction project “Arches”, the government expected that the money from donor countries flow to Kiev, and from there they will be distributed for projects with a maximum for the distribution of profit. But there it was! Assembly of the countries-donors decided to channel resources directly to special funds. The European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) became their Manager — the Chernobyl Shelter Fund (CSF) and nuclear safety Account (NSA). Recall that the EBRD was established in 1991 to assist the countries of the former Soviet bloc. On account Bank one corruption scandal (remember the resignation of its first President, Jacques Attali). So it is not surprising that the permanent growth estimates for POM Europeans looked with favor and helped earn the nation: most of the materials and equipment for the “Arch” was purchased in the EU. Logical because the contractor building the French NOVARKA.