Bumblebee saved by using sugar water (video)

Bumblebee saved by using sugar water (video)

Treats he liked.

Two friends found a dead bumblebee in the garden. He almost didn’t move. But the young people decided not to give up and try to return the insect back to life.

This bee was saved by sugar water! ? pic.twitter.com/asdKUbl154

— Metro (@MetroUK) April 23, 2018

For this, they prepared warm sugar water and began to drink bee. He willingly accepted the food.

Claire Fielding, who was the initiator of the save insect, noted that bees fly to them in Bishop’s Stortford in England from afar and they do not have energy. But because it was great to help at least someone.

After the bees come to drink sugar water, left it in a safe place, so he can fully recover and regain strength.