An American married to a friend, which was made 36 years

An American married to a friend, which was made 36 years

Even after many years you can get out of “the friend zone”.

All’s well that ends well. So it is possible to tell about an amazing love story that lasted 36 years and finally ended in a wedding.

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The American Joe Pantaleo from school was deeply in love with Diane Ellis. However, the woman more than thirty years held fan-zone. They are close friends and often their paths crossed.

Having met a few years after high school, Joe realized that he still loves Diane, but she was going to get married and move to another town, but because the man was forced to retreat, but personal life and not staged.

Several years later, Ellis was disappointed in the marriage, filed for divorce from her husband and returned to his hometown. It was then that their journey with Pantaleo crossed again. They got close, but romantic relationship all came only after several years.

In 2017 they first kissed. A year later, going together to the reunion in his school, patient Joe took a sweetheart offer. And she said Yes.

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For 50-year-old Joe’s first marriage, but he’s definitely confident in his choice, although 52-year-old Diana has also more doubts. The lovers were married March 31 at the beach in Florida. And recently, his story the man told reporters the New York Times.

Social media users have dubbed the problem the “king of the friend zone”.

sometimes, when someone says forever they actually mean it. AJP PHOTOGRAPHY

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