In Australia, an old dog helped save a lost girl

In Australia, an old dog helped save a lost girl

Australian police publicly thanked the dog, not to throw a three year old girl who got lost in the Bush and spent the night under the open sky.

Three years Aurora was lost when he decided to go out one and walked away too far from his home in Queensland.

The girl tied 17-year-old family dog, Max, from the old half deaf and blind.

Max stayed with the girl all of 16 hours, until relatives found her on Saturday morning on a hillside.

The grandmother of the child leis Marie Bennett said that he had heard the crying girls, who left home about two kilometers.

I ran up a mountain, and when I got upstairs, I ran up to our dog and took me right to her.Leis Marie Bennett

Relatives of Aurora said that she had taken refuge for the night under a large stone, when the temperature dropped to 15 °C.

As a result of this forced overnight stay at the nature the girl was not injured, escaped with light scratches.

In search of a three-year Aurora was attended by more than 100 employees of the rescue service and volunteers.

The police were impressed with the action max, and solemnly declared him an honorary police dog.