The Russians called the price of happiness

The Russians called the price of happiness

Average Russian is necessary for happiness 159 thousand rubles per month. These are the results of a poll conducted by the research centre reports “Interfax”.

It is noted that the expectations of inhabitants of Russia declined in August last year, the respondents reported the amount 14 percent higher.

According to the survey, poor Russians think people with a monthly income of less than 18 thousand rubles, the rich, those whose income exceeds 447 thousand rubles per month.

The poverty threshold in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg is higher than the national average, with 22 thousand rubles. The same situation is with the idea of wealth: in the capital, this amounts to 566 thousand rubles in St. Petersburg — 511 thousand. For the happiness of the Muscovites quite 212 thousand rubles, and St. Petersburg — 166 thousand.

The survey was attended by 2.5 thousand citizens.