Why do some couples live together and marry, but others disagree

Why do some couples live together and marry, but others disagree

Demographer Patrick Ishizuka from Cornell University analyzed the history of more than five thousand couples who lived together and identified that influenced the outcome of their relationship. TASS — on his study.

To live in love together before marriage or not is one of those rare issues that divides society almost exactly in half. The February poll showed that 45% of Russians do not approve of such relationships, and 46% of the population don’t see anything wrong. Opponents of cohabitation seems to be a decline of family values, supporters of the new normal. Only no matter what anyone thought, lovers do, increasingly, live under the same roof, not Vincas and without registration.

How money affect love

Cohabitation differs from marriage, but what are the laws in such unions, really do not understand. In this and decided to investigate demographer Ishizuka. The first thing he found — cohabitation is not delayed for a long time. In four years together only every fifth pair changed nothing, and the rest are either married to the joy of each other and advocates of traditional values, or split up. In each case there would be a lot of reasons why life has developed so, and not otherwise. But Iizuka was looking for something in common and to do this without excess sentimentality focused on economic indicators: income, employment, assets, savings, education level partners.