The Italian received a huge inheritance that can not spend

The Italian received a huge inheritance that can not spend

Just someone forgot to exchange the old banknotes.

A curious incident occurred with an Italian banker named Luigi, who recently lost his grandfather and businessman. Gramps the man had a great relationship, unlike other relatives, but because Luigi was his only heir.

Grandpa Luigi was involved in a successful construction business and during that time earned good money. A legacy to his grandson he left several apartments, a stake and a couple of Bank accounts with large sums. But a special surprise and the main problem was the “secret” Deposit box in a Swiss Bank, which Luigi only learned of the will.

It turned out that in this quiet and secure place late grandfather kept a fortune.

Here only to use the money the heir is not able because the cell had been hidden already released from the turnover of the Italian Lira.

The amount was decent — 2 billion 950 million lire, which is approximately 1.5 million euros.

The main problem is that the Lira was withdrawn from circulation in 2002, and the Italian government gave the citizens a period of ten years to exchange old banknotes for euros. Luigi already addressed in national Bank with a request to exchange the inheritance, but he refused.

Now the principled banker intends to seek justice through the courts.

He is sure that there is a legal way to return the money, which he knew nothing until the present time.