American heroine who navigated the plane after the explosion of the engine

American heroine who navigated the plane after the explosion of the engine

The passengers of the airplane company Southwest Airlines, whose engine caught fire and exploded in the air, called a true character of its pilot, which managed to make after the accident a successful emergency landing.

Tammy Jo Schultz was the commander of the aircraft, flying from new York to Dallas, but forced to land in Philadelphia.

The fragments of the exploded engine broke one of the Windows, and it partially sucked sitting next to a woman. The rest of the passengers managed to drag her back on Board, but later the victim still died.

Was later called the victim’s name, she was a 43-year-old Jennifer Riordan, who worked as a Manager at Wells Fargo Bank in Albuquerque, new Mexico. She is survived by two children.

Seven of the passengers were injured, but an emergency landing was successful.

The exact cause of the accident has not been determined, but representatives of the National Council for transport safety (NTSB) reported that investigators found signs of metal fatigue in one of the broken blades of the engine.

It is reported that Schultz spent 10 years in the composition of the naval forces of the United States, where he was a fighter pilot.

What do we know about the pilot?

The official Southwest Airlines announced exactly who was the pilot of the ill-fated flight, but passengers claimed that the pilot of the airliner was just Schultz. Later this was confirmed in an interview her husband.

In the U.S. Navy reported that Schultz was among the first women, who sat behind the controls of a fighter.

Schultz was born in new Mexico. Before entering the armed forces she graduated from University with two degrees — in biology and agriculture business.

In the Navy, she achieved the rank of captain of the third rank, and then joined the civil service.

Published by MidAmerica Nazarene University Alumni & Friends March 24, 2017During the download an error has occurred.Tammy Jo Schultz was one of the first women to become a fighter pilot

Her husband is also a pilot of Southwest Airlines. The couple have two children.

What do the passengers?

Passenger Alfred Tumlinson from Texas said that Schultz really has nerves of steel.

I admire this woman. For Christmas I will send her a card with a gift card for me so that she interview with the associated press

@SouthwestAir These are the hero’s of SWA 1380 NYC to Dallas We lost an engine mid-flight and they guided back to Philly saved 149 on board

— Kristopher Johnson (@EMMS_MrJohnson) 17 APR 2018

“The heroes of flight SWA 1380 from new York to Dallas. We lost one engine, and they drove the plane in Philadelphia and rescued 149 people on Board”

Diana McBride Self posted on Facebook a photo of Tammy Jo Schultz on Board just landed plane.

Diana McBride Self published April 17, 2018At boot time the error occurred.

“Commander Tammy Jo Schultz talked to each of us personally. She is a true American hero — she writes. Thank you so much for your knowledge, actions and courage in this difficult situation”.

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During the download an error has occurred.”Our engine exploded at an altitude of 38 thousand feet. The window broke, but we saved the person who closed it with his body. Unfortunately, one of the passengers died of a heart attack. The commander Tammy Jo was incredible. She safely landed in Philadelphia. God sent us his angels for protection. I even heard someone exclaimed: “God is!”NewsOld aircraft, icing as the cause of the disaster. Why are we afraid to fly

About 20 minutes after the “Boing” took to the air, the fragments of an exploded engine struck the fuselage, bringing on Board fell sharply pressure, and the plane began to fall.

Wearing an oxygen mask, passengers were screaming and preparing for the impact with the ground.