Stork every spring returns to his friend who can’t fly

Stork every spring returns to his friend who can’t fly

Birds are forced to leave for the winter, but every spring, they reunited.

True love happens not only in humans. Endearing relationship can “boast” and poultry. For example, for sixteen years a pair of storks from one Croatian village is forced to leave for the winter, but in spring and summer they are inseparable.

This Stork Has Been Flying 13,000 Km Each Year For 16 Years To See His Injured Soulmate

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The story began twenty years ago when a local resident Stepan Vokic saved the bird from poachers — hunters had injured her wings.

The man took the stork’s home, began to nurse and care for. His new friend he named Malena. And after a while, when the spring in their village came other storks, Malena “met” her lover, which Vokič also gave the name — Clipman.

The couple had built a nest on the roof of the house of Stephen, and every summer they have Chicks. Like the storks, Klepetar every autumn leaves to winter in Africa, but his girlfriend Malena to fly so far can not. But because the house remains in Croatia.

According to Vukica, in the winter he takes Malena to his house where they watch TV and sometimes go for a walk or going fishing, but in the spring, when her fiancé returned, she moved into the nest, where lives a full family life. For these sixteen years Klepetar and Malena raised 62 Chicks.

Stjepan Vokic has been looking after a stork called Malena for the last 24 years after a gunshot wound meant she could no longer fly.

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