Drozdov will leave animal planet, his place is a 15-year-old leading

Drozdov will leave animal planet, his place is a 15-year-old leading

The permanent host of the program “In fauna” Nikolay Drozdov has decided to leave the show, which was led for 40 years.

“Газета.Ru” it tells what has caused such a serious decision, and who is the main defender of the nature of the country will give the honor to lead the most famous in Russia Zoological program.

Doctor of biological Sciences, Professor of Moscow state University and host of the very famous programs about animals Nikolai Drozdov said about his decision to leave the program. He admitted that he is ready to give the right lead and has already chosen a successor. It will be his young partner channel “Carousel.”

From 30 April 2016, along with Drozdov transmission began to Alexey Lapin, son of the founders of the TV company ass-TV Yuri and Irina Lapinig.

Alex to the role of co-host took part in the filming of the program, but he is now 15 years old, and Nikolai Drozdov believes that Alex can handle yourself.

“For two years we begin and end our transfer together with Alexei lapinin, he is now 15 years old, and he first appeared in “children’s page” of our program as a guest in 5 years — said Drozdov in an interview with TASS. Now Alex has grown as tall as me, independently opens and closes the program, is a separate conversation, takes stories. Reliable person, Executive, thoughtful, hard-working”.

Nikolai Drozdov is the transfer “In the animal world” for 40 years, that is half my life: last year it celebrated its 80th anniversary. Drozdov admitted that he wants to see “animal world” as a viewer, to look at it on the other side of the camera.

Children’s Studio program — it’s just not even my type, he added. Now one of the five programs makes Alex one. I have to watch it from the side.Nikolai Drozdov

He began to broadcast in 1977 on “the First channel” at a time with the journalist Vasily Peskov, in 1991-1997, the transmission was broadcast also on RTR channel, sometimes even at the same time. Since 1990, Drozdov became the only leading program.

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In the fall of 2005, when on “the First channel” have changed the broadcasting network, the transmission had no place to live. The management has proposed to change the program by adding entertainment elements, but Nicholas had agreed only to minor changes like new categories or other decorations.

In the end a compromise with the “First channel” was not found, and for this reason, from March 2006 to end of 2009 the programme was broadcast on the TV channel “Home” in the scenery “the First channel”.

Also animal planet was on TV channels “Russia-2”, “My planet” and “Living planet”. On April 30, 2016 the program has on the children’s channel “Carousel.” Slightly changed the manner of presenting information, but the main innovation was an additional leader — same Alexei Lapin. On 19 April, the air will be released the commemorative edition of the program, in which Nicholas will also participate.