Self diagnosis

Self diagnosis

Natalia Nechleba and Maria Portnyagina learned how you prefer to hurt the Russians.

The Center for preventive medicine under the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation issued the “concept of responsible self-medication”. Ogonek thought: where does “responsibility” and what we want to treat?

From lower back pain — hot stones treatment urticaria — nettle, tough to kill earth for toothache — popular pillars of self-medication known for a long time. And suddenly the official Russian medicine, which from time immemorial belonged to the self with suspicion, reports: self-medication, it turns out, can be “responsible”. What happened?

Got us another progressive fashion. The global health community called for “the responsible self” so 35 years — who introduced this terminology in 1983. What does it mean?

Reasonable use by the patient drugs that are commercially available, for the treatment or prevention of lung disorders prior to the delivery of professional medical care.

There are expansion interpretation — a person leads a healthy lifestyle and sufficient competent medical that a slight indisposition to be treated yourself. World Association of responsible self-medication (there are such) regularly produces educational materials and special studies convince us that this treatment can save money. It seems to be logical: doctors are not bothered for nothing, the disease does not run. But fans of self-medication in Europe and the United States less than in Russia.

The fact that access to drugs, especially potent in the West legally restricted much more seriously than we do — neither the doctor nor the pharmacist will not risk the loss of licence in order to earn at retail.

That’s why promoting “responsible self-medication” usually manufacturers ‘ Association, is concerned that the amount of drugs that are OTC in Europe and the United States, expanded. But consumers first need to prepare to protect it from the Orgy of self-treatment, when grasping and hot stones, and over hyped advertising miracle drugs. In General, that was not like us.

The chills and heartburn

The concept we have proposed are relatively simple and, according to the authors, adapted to the Russian realities.

People were advised to self-treat only in case of minor ailments and not more than 3-7 days. You can own with the help of OTC drugs to cope with the cold (when such symptoms as chills, headache, runny nose, sore throat), dermatological diseases (eczema, dermatitis), lung disorders, gastrointestinal (heartburn, flatulence). Also recommended for chronic diseases to continue treatment prescribed by your doctor, without the gag. And when deterioration immediately run to the doctor.

The concept has not been adopted finally: we set the problem and open discussion. And the problem is very urgent. Because we have with any cold the patient goes to the pharmacy, where it sold the most expensive antibiotic. Because of this we have the world’s highest resistance to antibiotics. In addition, people often combine incongruous drugs, and doctors have to deal with the side effects.Julia Michailovaite Central research Institute of organization and Informatization of health care

Self-treatment for Russia is really a painful topic. It’s no joke: according to FOM, more than half of Russians prefer to be treated yourself, seeking medical help only in extreme cases. And this habit is to delay going to the doctor is expensive.

Newsmedicine of the future: how we will be treated. And most importantly — who

— The main danger of self-medication we have is that the disease is not diagnosed by a doctor in the initial stage, when a person can cure, and irreversible — the Yuri Zhulev, the co-chair of the all-Russian Union of patients.— Here’s an example: nowadays a significant number of people in Russia dying from simple pneumonia. But they just missed the point when you need to go to the doctor…

According to who statistics, the total mortality in Russia, the proportion of preventable deaths with 30 to 40 percent: experts have reason to believe that this sad statistics associated with the self. However, even without the impact is obvious tragedies: a study of the HR Innovation Lab found that if you postpone visit to the doctor, ill be 1.5 times longer.