Scientists told about the safe level of alcohol

Scientists told about the safe level of alcohol

A group of scientists analyzed data on the health status of nearly 600 thousand adults from 19 countries, said that the weekly maximum harmless dose of alcohol is 100 g of ethanol. On the results of scientific work are reflected in the article “the boundaries of risk of alcohol consumption”, published in the medical journal The Lancet.

The work was conducted by experts at the University of Cambridge. Based on the doctors took 83 studies in which a connection of alcohol consumption and mortality.

At the beginning of the research none of the participants had cardiovascular disease. Then the volunteers consumed up to 100 g 100 to 200 g, from 200 to 350 g of ethanol weekly, established surveillance. In the end, was discovered a direct relationship of disease development to the level of alcohol consumption. We are talking about the development of heart disease and blood vessels, including heart attacks.

Scientists have noted that those who consumed up to 100 grams of alcohol per week, risk of heart attack was 48% less than the others.

Note that currently in the United States an adult male can consume up to 196 grams of alcohol per week, this dose established physicians. Thus, based on these new studies, the dose must be reduced two times.

This amount is equivalent to five mugs of beer with 4% or 875 ml of wine alcohol 13%.

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