Donald trump criticized former head of the FBI

Donald trump criticized former head of the FBI

He called James Komi “the weasel”, and his memoir is a fake.

The President of the United States Donald trump after a series of festive posts on Twitter about the successful strikes in Syria shifted to the former Director of the FBI James Komi. The former head of the security services to be released memoir, excerpts of which were published in The Washington Post.

With the book, obviously, has acquainted the head of the White house and was really unhappy read.

More than an hour, Donald trump was paid to write a series of posts on Twitter about the former head of the FBI James Komi. And this is the second wave of criticism of the President to the former head of the US intelligence services during the week. And the reason one: today on ABC comes out a great interview with James Comey, who is releasing his memoir “Higher loyalty”.

The book became a bestseller at the stage of presales and it tells about Donald trump, his environment and the atmosphere around the President.

In the excerpt of the interview with Komi, shows ABC, a former head of the FBI says it has resumed the investigation into the emails of Hillary Clinton to create a sense of legitimacy of the election. “I worked in a world where Hillary Clinton was supposed to win Donald trump’s, so I was confident that the resumption of the investigation was the premise… If I held all of the American people, she (Hillary Clinton) would be in his eyes, illegitimate at the same hour, when the truth was revealed.”

And Donald trump began his series of tweets reacting on these words: “Unbelievable. James Komi cites polls, according to which the Liar Hillary was in the lead, as a factor of how the investigation was carried out (stupidly) on electronic correspondence with Clinton. In other words, he made decisions based on the fact that, in his opinion, she had to win, and he wanted to get the job done. Hypocrite!”.