State Duma deputies reported on the property in 12 European countries

State Duma deputies reported on the property in 12 European countries

Moscow. April 13. INTERFAX.RU — state Duma Deputies have overseas property in Europe, following the declarations released on Friday.

The most popular is Spain, where house, apartment or land, there are nine parliamentarians or their “second halves” the right of ownership, including an equity.

Such property in their declarations pointed out Andrey Baryshev, Vadim Belousov (apartment and land from the wife), Alexander A. Kiselev, Nikolai Valuev (house wife), Valery Gazzaev, Konstantin Zatulin, Arkady Ponomarev, Omahan Umakhanov (house wife), Andrey Chernishov (living room).

“Second place” in the parliamentary preferences is Bulgaria. Here funds real estate invested Sergei Vostretsov, Yuri Oleynikov and the wife of Sergey Pakhomov.

In two declarations, there is real estate in Finland — the part of the wife of Vladimir Kateneva and farm Rifat Shaikhutdinova. The wife of the latter also has a house in Italy.

Other European countries are named in the parliamentary returns only once. This — the United Kingdom (the house and land Vladimir Blockage), Latvia (real estate Vladislav Tretiak), Cyprus and Switzerland, where the apartment of the spouse of Valery Hartung, and France (the house and land, wife of Andrei Golushko), Ukraine (apartment of Sergei Cruceta), Georgia (real estate Otari of Ashby) and Belarus, where the spouse Svetlana Savitskaya has an apartment and a garage.

All, therefore, foreign real estate there are 446-ti from 21 members or a member of his family in 12 European countries.