The Syrian army found chemical laboratory militants

The Syrian army found chemical laboratory militants

The detachment of government troops, the Syrian army was discovered in Eastern ghouta (suburb of Damascus) laboratory of terrorists on production of toxic substances. It is reported by national news Agency SANA.

“During combing the area of Aftris in East Huta was found abandoned by the terrorists laboratory, prepared for the production of various kinds of toxic substances. It is all the necessary equipment for creating powders used in the manufacture of prohibited weapons,” — says the Agency.

It is clarified that in addition to the chemical laboratory was found a workshop in which were filled with chemical munitions of various calibres, from 60 to 180 millimeters.

April 6, Syrian troops launched an operation to free fighters from the city Duma — the last uncontrolled forces of President Bashar al-Assad village in Eastern ghouta. Later, Reuters, citing rebels, reported that the Duma dropped a chlorine bomb, also has information about the use of nerve gas.

The President of the United States Donald trump promised to evening on 11 April to announce the punishment of Damascus, and with it is not excluded that Moscow and Tehran supports Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. As of the evening of 13 April, the final decision of Washington on Syria was not accepted.

Syria of all charges in the address rejects. Russia has warned the US of grave consequences in case of strikes on Syria.