Scientists have proposed an alternative to dental fillings

Scientists have proposed an alternative to dental fillings

Scientists have proposed a way to speed up the restoration of tooth enamel on the basis of small proteins. The authors believe that the result can be an easy to use method of combating tooth decay. Article with description published in the journal ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering.

Violation of the mineral composition of the outer layers of the teeth and the subsequent inflammation on the inside is a very common problem among all ages of people. My tooth hurt live in the mouth bacteria that produce acid as a by-product of life. Acid wash the minerals from the enamel, which violates the integrity of the outer layers of the tooth. The beginning of this process relatively painless, but if untreated leads to tooth loss, which may lead to serious complications.

Remineralization on the basis of peptides is a safe alternative to modern methods of dentistry. This method is simple to apply, furthermore, it is possible to use without a prescription.Mehmet Sarikaya the study’s lead author from the University of Washington in the United States

The idea of doctors based on studying the work of amelogenin — the key for the formation of human enamel protein. Based on it managed to create similar compounds that stimulate the natural mineralization of the tooth tissues, they become a key component of development. The authors proved that these proteins are attached to the surface of the teeth and add calcium ions and phosphates. At the moment, after one application the growth of the enamel is from 10 to 50 micrometers. After work the authors hope to include these proteins in the composition of toothpastes, gels, solutions, created for personal use and for use in the public health system. Technology can be a tool used daily to improve the condition of the enamel.