Forgery will not name. Does butter cream?

Forgery will not name. Does butter cream?

The results of the examination “Peasant” oil.

GOST have butter there are three names: “Traditional”, “Amateur” and “Peasant”.

The main difference between them is the fat content (less fat “Peasant” 72.5 percent).

And if testing other types of butter among the samples often found a substitute made from plant material, butter “Peasant”, as the experts found out, is actually made from cream. But not always natural products is a guarantee of its quality.

Why? It was found out by the experts of consumers Union “Roskontrol”, checking unsalted butter “Peasant” under the brands “Milava”, “Prostokvashino”, “Vkusnoteevo”, “Affairs meadow”, “Vologda” and “from Cow Korenovki”.

What is the grade?

If butter is made in violation of the technology or of low-quality raw materials, it will affect the taste and aroma of the product. Therefore, it is important whether the organoleptic quality of the oil standard.

For example, unexpressed taste like samples “Milava” and “Buttermilk” may indicate non-observance of cream ripening or excessive rinsing oil of grain (in case of oil churning). And food taste like food “From Vologda” and “from Cow Korenovki” — defects of cream, from which butter is made. The layered body as that of the sample “Milava”, appears when there is insufficient processing high-fat cream in masloobrazovateli.

While tasting, the experts assigned the sample points for aroma, taste, texture and color. In all samples the package indicates the highest grade, however, the results of the tasting experts attributed the investigated oil the first grade. For the same reason, all samples were included in the list of goods remarks.

Be bold!

Tested for fat content of all the samples survived with dignity. The fat content is according to the norms (72,5%) and sometimes exceeds them. The high fat — oil “Milava” (77%), and low — oil “from Cow Korenovki” (72%). And the content of fatty acids, the oil has stood the test. The content of milk fat in fat phase tested products close to 100%. That is, a single sample can not be called counterfeit.