“Mate in social networks needs to be removed”

“Mate in social networks needs to be removed”

The boyar son grew up, became a member and took over the censorship on the Internet.

More than a year ago the Deputy of state Duma, United Russia party Sergei Boyarsky invited colleagues to think about total control online. Together with Andrey Alshevskih of the Communist party, he drafted a bill on regulation of social networks. They suggested banning anonymity and forcing the social network to block the offending information. In addition, the deputies want to completely prohibit the distribution of fakes that cause a threat to the security of the country. However, parliamentarians did not take into account that almost all of the proposed provisions are already contained in other applicable Russian laws. Despite this, the relevant departments of the state Duma as a whole has approved the project. “Ribbon.ru” talked to initiated his knights and learned that the truth can only be considered as the official position.

“Ribbon.ru”: Bill, again passing discussion in the state Duma, was developed in the summer of 2017. What then prompted you, Vice-Chairman of the Committee on ecology and the environment, to regulate social networking?

Boyar: I think the environment information and the environment — are very similar concepts. I’m four years was the head of the channel and information are very carefully. I have long been surprised by how far we are from purity of relationships in the Internet. Resources in the network so wide and comprehensive developed, especially social media. But why is the government not responding to potential threats to their information security? (This formulation was accepted in the draft that prohibits foreigners from owning media in Russia, and then “Spring package” — approx. “Of the tape.ru”.) And when my colleagues and appealed to the international experience and saw that the leading country of the Council of Europe for several years engaged in the development of this bill and that it will, we took it as a basis and decided conceptually similar to Parliament.

You have Germany in mind. When you have started to work above the law, there was a lot of debate about its realism.

Then the law was already adopted. Listen, well, I guess the first rules of the road at reckless drivers also caused a huge amount of criticism. And all of this skepticism and, you know, easy bravado-humorous pathos of all the participants in the style of “that’s impossible” or “the Internet can never be adjusted” is very far-fetched and naive. We will find ways and solutions to protect the good users of our citizens from threats that they may encounter on any site on the Internet, be it social network, website or blog, or any service for the sale of goods or services.

The articlechildren and the Internet: let’s talk about security

Conceptual no need to oppose the Deputy of the State Duma and the Internet community. We are the same Internet users, like everyone else. We love all the services that are present now on the market. We are only talking about the fight against the latest emerging threats. Including fan the spread of false information, falsified news, in the part of the victims.

You mean Kemerovo? (According to the authorities, with the filing of Ukrainian blogger on social networks and instant messengers spread information about 300 victims at a fire in TTS “Winter cherry,” which, as stated by the authorities of the region, prompted the people to go to the rally and to demand the truth about the victims — approx. “Of the tape.ru”).