As marsupials removed for cubs?

As marsupials removed for cubs?

Meet the specialists of the Moscow zoo.

Marsupial mammals have always excited curiosity because of the fundamentally different method of reproduction.

Having just appeared from the family of the hole, the baby starts a difficult path: the pulsating movements, he pushes his body forward, front paws firmly clings to the fur of the mother. In a way, he is actively turning his head, catching the desired smell. Climbing into the bag, the baby grabs the nipple that his mouth was “swell” to the baby and pulled off. The first time the baby can’t even suck milk female squirts it into the mouth of the baby with the help of special muscles. In mom’s pocket marsupial carried out by a few months. So, the baby possum to leave the bag only after two and a half months after the birth, and the kangaroos can stay up to eight.

Some curious people may ask: what about the feces of the pups that sit in the bag? Because a kid can’t go outside for the administration of natural needs. Most likely, the mother removes the waste products of the baby, regularly licking the baby and bag. In placental mammals, such as carnivores of the family Felidae, the mother eats a litter of cubs until they are milk-fed, and ceases to do so when the cubs start to eat meat food. So there is nothing unusual in this, hygiene is an integral part of the process of raising offspring.

In the Moscow zoo as part of a sightseeing tour of new territory and in the pavilion “Night world” you can see kangaroos, a possum and marsupial letjag.