The U.S. government will sell Ukraine anti-tank weapons for $47 million

The U.S. government will sell Ukraine anti-tank weapons for $47 million

The United States will sell Ukraine anti-tank missile systems Javelin at $47 million. On March 1 told the Reuters news Agency, citing the Ministry of defense.

In the message of management of the Pentagon’s defense cooperation and security States that the sale of weapons Ukraine approved the U.S. state Department.

“The Javelin system will help Ukraine to strengthen its long-term defense capabilities to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity,” States the report of the Ministry of defence. The Pentagon stated that the proposed transaction will not affect the balance of armed forces in the region.

The statement clarifies that Ukraine has made a request for the supply of 37 anti-tank missile complexes and 210 missiles Javelin. The amount of the contract included training of the Ukrainian military use of this type of weapon.

Now the contact should be considered in the U.S. Congress. The final decision on arms supplies to Ukraine will be made within 30 days, said the Pentagon.

That the state Department approved deliveries to Ukraine anti-tank weapons, became known in the end of December 2017. The journalists said the press Secretary of the foreign office Heather Nauert. 21 December 2017, the state Department issued a commercial permit for sale Ukraine self-loading large-caliber sniper rifles M107A1, ammunition and related items for $41.5 million