Revealed an unexpected benefit of chocolate and red wine

Revealed an unexpected benefit of chocolate and red wine

Scientists at the Centers for control and prevention of diseases of the United States found that the resveratrol contained in grapes and cocoa phenolic compound has antiviral effect. This was reported on the MedicalXpress website.

The researchers added a chemical compound in culture of human cells infected with vaccinia virus. This infectious agent is related to the dangerous virus of smallpox, however, is not as deadly, which makes it convenient as a model object. It turned out that a high level of resveratrol in the cells prevented the multiplication of viruses in the early stages of infection.

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Experiments on monkeys have shown that resveratrol is also effective in the fight against monkey pox virus that affects primates, including humans. The disease ends in death in ten percent of cases.

In November 2017, researchers from Exeter University in England showed that resveratrol affects the activity of factors, splicing, normalizing the process of maturation of mRNA. It promotes cellular rejuvenation and life extension. In addition, resveratrol promotes the burning of calories and turning white adipose tissue into beneficial brown fat tissue.

Resveratrol is a substance secreted by some plants for protection against parasites, for example, bacteria or fungi.