Kadyrov proposed to call the new Russian cruise missile “Palmyra”

Kadyrov proposed to call the new Russian cruise missile “Palmyra”

Ramzan Kadyrov has offered his name to modern Russian cruise missiles. He offers to call a rocket in honor of the victims in Syria, the Russian pilots “Palmyra”.


According to Kadyrov, the rocket should be called in honor of the pilot, hero of Russia Roman Filippov, which made the grenade blast when he was surrounded by fighters, in honor of Lieutenant Alexander Prokhorenko, also surrounded by terrorists, and in honor of Colonel Oleg Peshkov, whose plane was shot down.

Ramzan Kadyrov reminded that each of them is a hero. These people were trying to keep the peace, “to preserve the miracle.” One of the variants of the name of the Syrian city of Palmyra — the “miracle”. The battle in this city was the decisive moment in the fight against banned terrorist group ISIL.

We will remind, in the message to the Federal Assembly President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about Russia’s new cruise missile and submarine system with nuclear power. Weapons not yet have a name. Anyone can offer your own version.

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