Muller thought about the allegations of Russians on the “Regato”

Muller thought about the allegations of Russians on the “Regato”

Spectacular USA Robert Mueller is considering bringing charges to the Russians, who presumably was behind the cyber attack on the Democratic party during the election campaign of 2016, reports NBC, citing its own sources.

Such accusations, according to them, will be based on data collected by the CIA, FBI, national security Agency and Department of homeland security. Muller, according to interlocutors of the channel, has long been enough evidence to start a business, but the “specific date (evidence — if) may be dictated by strategic considerations.”

According to some sources, the charges may be filed in the next few weeks.

  • “His words can be seen as a message to Washington”

At the same time, some interlocutors NBC believe that Muller for a number of reasons may even waive these charges, others believe that the allegation is classified.

Among the possible charges the channel, in particular, indicates a violation of the electoral law and cybercrime. One source claims that the prosecution can present and accomplices of the hackers from the United States, whose names will not be called.

Mueller holds a U.S. investigation about the possible intervention of Russia in election 2016, and about possible links of the campaign headquarters of U.S. President trump with Russia. Moscow denies all allegations of meddling in the election.

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