Putin has demanded from the interior Ministry to strengthen the fight against extremism and provide security in schools

Putin has demanded from the interior Ministry to strengthen the fight against extremism and provide security in schools

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called the fight against extremism a priority of the internal Affairs bodies. Speaking Wednesday at the annual expanded meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of internal Affairs, the head of state pointed to the need to “resolutely curb the activity of” extremist groups.

Putin drew attention to the decline in the overall level of crime and demanded “significantly improve the quality of investigation and inquiry”.

“Absolutely unacceptable,” called the President of pressure upon business from law enforcement bodies. He added that he intends to raise the subject in his address to the Federal Assembly on Thursday.

The head of state stressed that one of the main tasks of law enforcement is to ensure safety in public places, especially schools, in transport, during sports and entertainment events. In this regard, he instructed the interior Ministry to “ensure maximum safety” during carrying out in Russia of world football championship.

The fight against extremism

MIA in 2017, in conjunction with the security agencies and the departments of Regardie, liquidated in Russia “of 14 international terrorist organizations and three of the gang”, said the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev.

The Minister said that the control of the interior Ministry, there are more than 2 thousand Internet resources that can be used for extremist purposes, including for the recruitment of new members and coordination for the organization’s extremist actions. He added that according to the materials of the interior Ministry last year, recognized as extremist and banned four organisations, in a number of regions “arrested active participants particularly dangerous nationalist groups”.

As the Minister said, at the same time carried out large-scale prevention efforts focused on youth.

“High profile incidents, is able to provoke an escalation in society, not allowed”, — he said, stressing that the number of acts of a violent nature in the field of extremism has declined during the last three years, more than 2.5 times.

However, as said in his speech, the President, the total number of extremist crimes increased last year by 5%, with a number of groups have acted “boldly and provocatively”. “We need to strongly suppress the activities of such groups and prosecute their organizers. Any illegal acts aimed at splitting the society, to destabilize the situation, is a serious threat. Your direct duty is promptly to neutralize it”, — the President set the task before the leadership of the Ministry.

Improve detection

The head of state highlighted the strengthening of some positive trends in the Ministry of interior, but at the same time stated that the improvement is across the Board. “In 2017, the Ministry of internal Affairs has strengthened a number of positive trends: increased detection of certain types of crimes, including murders, assaults, burglaries,” said Putin. According to him, was also able to reduce street crime and provide an appropriate level of security for major international events.

“However, not all areas, the situation is just prosperous,” he said. “Decreased almost 43% of the total number of crimes solved, — he explained. In recent years, this figure jumps: grow up, then again will be reduced. Fundamentally, the apparent improvement of the situation, unfortunately, is not happening”.

“So, the key principle of inevitability of punishment is not realised in full”, — said Putin and demanded “significantly improve the quality of investigation and inquiry”.

According to the data, which led to meeting the head of the interior Ministry, the clearance rate of homicide in Russia has reached 92% in 2017, the crime involving the infliction of grievous bodily harm, and 93%, rape — 98%, robberies — 69%. 18% reduction in the number of grave and especially grave crimes on home soil.

The number of police officers, grossly violated the service discipline, since 2012, has decreased in Russia three times, informed the Minister. 10% decrease in the number of employees subject to criminal prosecution. The Minister also noted that over 70% of crimes of corruption among interior Ministry employees revealed by its own security of bodies of internal Affairs.