Media found in Poroshenko’s new business in Russia

Media found in Poroshenko’s new business in Russia

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has Russia not only confectionery factory in Lipetsk, but also other companies, according to the TV channel “1+1”.

Starch and grain

According to journalists, including “secret assets” of the Ukrainian President, calls Russia the aggressor, turned out to be a plant for the production of starch in the Lipetsk region and firm “Lamigra” engaged in cultivation of grain.

In 2015, these businesses brought Poroshenko 700 thousand dollars, says the investigation.

However, as the authors of the material, after the recognition of Russia “aggressor country,” the President of Ukraine has not abandoned ownership rights to the specified business of the company was sold, the related legal entities continue to exist.

An unnamed source channel in the holding company “Ukrprominvest-agro” confirmed the information about these assets, and explained that starch factory re-issued to the offshore company, associated with Poroshenko. In the administration of the President of Ukraine denied this information.

In “Ukrprominvest-agro” reports about the secret assets Poroshenko called “information attack”. In an official statement the company said that it is not valid on the territory of Russia “directly or indirectly”.

It is better to be “rotted”

In January 2017, the Corporation Roshen, owned by Poroshenko, announced the halt of work of the Lipetsk confectionery factory for political and economic reasons. In the summer of the same year, the company said that the company is preserved, and the trading house has stopped its work.

In February of this year the General Director of Roshen Vyacheslav Moskalevsky said that the assets of the factory was impaired, and that he was not opposed to the plant “rotted” if it fails to sell at the market price.

The sale of confectionary business, Poroshenko is engaged in the investment company Rotschild. Share Ukrainian President handed over to an independent “blind” trust Fund.