What will change in life of Russians from March 1

What will change in life of Russians from March 1

The extension of the dacha Amnesty, active longevity and other innovations.

The portal iz.ru made the traditional selection of the major changes, which is expected in March 2018: for gardeners, pensioners, drivers and all the rest.

The capital Amnesty

From March 1, 2018 February 1, 2019 will operate the “second wave” Amnesty. At this time the Russians, who were not previously declared on their overseas accounts and property, they will be able officially to declare on the territory of the Russian Federation. While they will not face the administrative, tax and — in some cases — criminal liability for concealing this information.

The Amnesty applies not only to individuals, but including those who participated in the first Amnesty. To file a return will be from March 1, 2018. The main condition of the property and Bank accounts abroad had to be registered before this date.

For the first time in Russia’s capital Amnesty was held in 2015-2016. Then took it, according to the authors of the bill, about 7 thousand people. In December 2017 for the second stage proposed by Vladimir Putin. The final decision was taken on 19 February 2018. Documents relating to the Amnesty are available on the official portal of legal information.

The extension of the “dacha Amnesty” and advice of Rosreestr

In March, expected the end of another Amnesty, “country”, in which the owners could use a simplified form in order to register individual residential buildings (individual housing) in suburban areas and the land itself.

In fact, the ‘dacha Amnesty’ was invented in order to ease the process of “legalizing” houses and plots obtained in perpetuity the property soon after the restructuring. That is concerned the majority of the lucky owners of the coveted six acres. In particular, to testimony on the ground it was possible, bypassing the procedure of registration of cadastral passport and to the residential building without the mandatory permission for its commissioning.

This order began to operate since 2006, in 2010, the Amnesty period was extended to March 2018. And the owners and employees of cadastral offices were preparing for the spring of 2018 will enter into force complicated procedure, but at the end of February the state Duma has decided to once again “dacha Amnesty” be extended. Now it will be valid until March 2020. However, to delay the obtaining of evidence is still not worth it — especially as those wishing to use the exemptions is likely to be a lot.

The newsof the driverless Cars given green light

By the way, anyone in General got a lot of questions related to real estate transactions, March 1 will be able to try to get answers from the experts of rosreestra. “One day of consultations”, which will be held in all regions of Russia, the Agency will conduct jointly with the Federal cadastral chamber. To know including you about how to register property, as well as what services rosreestra can be obtained in electronic form from the comfort of home.

Reflective vests

From March 18 will begin to act a new requirement of the SDA. Now the drivers involved in an accident or just staying outside the settlements, the night will be compulsory to wear reflective vests or capes before leaving the car. The rule also applies to the daytime if visibility is limited.

The corresponding decision was taken at the end of 2017. The reason was the sad statistics, according to which drivers in the dark coming out of the car after the accident, were hit by other motorists. This simply reflective stripes will not be enough — vest or Cape shall meet the requirements of GOST. Violators may face administrative warning or a fine of 500 rubles.

“Active aging” for Muscovites

In the capital from March 1 will begin a large-scale project, which should help older people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Training was conducted from the beginning of the year. It is planned that older people in different parts of the city will earn additional athletic and creative section. Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin has said that the project has virtually no analogues neither in Russia nor in the world.

In city hall say that taking part in the project “Active aging” has wanted about 500 thousand people, and is particularly popular while using the classes singing, dancing and Nordic walking. The program will be divided into three areas: physical training, creativity and learning. In the municipality promised to consider more exotic interests.

— Those who want yoga and martial arts, and there are such people, where there will be needs and opportunities we give to social service centers open and such classes, — Interfax quotes the words of the head of the Department of labour and social protection of Moscow Vladimir Petrosyan.

To study the full list and choose something to your liking, pensioners will be able from March 1, 2018 in social services centres. After that, on the basis of their statements will be formed into groups for training.