The HRC questioned the possibilities to mathematically describe the behavior of the voters

The HRC questioned the possibilities to mathematically describe the behavior of the voters

Co-chair of the monitoring working group on election observation of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights (HRC) Igor Borisov said that doubts the possibilities of mathematical methods to describe the behavior of voters.

“Come to the conclusion that, unfortunately, these attempts to present any [mathematical] model description of electoral behavior of voters we do not find any connection. My attempts to find research to back up your theory did not succeed”, — he said on Wednesday during a round table meeting in the Public chamber of the Russian Federation, which discussed the articles of scientists that the data of mathematical analysis of evidence of the violations at elections in Russia.

Borisov said that analyzed the results of the elections in the United States and found areas in which for one or another presidential candidate voted 100% of voters.

“You say that we in the republics come and vote for 100%, and then a criminal offense. We see that 100% of the vote [for] Hillary Clinton in Minnesota and 17 polling stations in Wisconsin — 20, trump — more than two dozen polling stations for the 100% vote,” said co-chair of the group of the HRC.

For his part, the Deputy Secretary of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Tochenov gave the example of the absolute vote for one of the candidates in the municipal elections. “I know the area in which it is voting for a particular candidate. Small elections, municipal, city Council, went [to the polls] the Gypsy Baron. They live partly settled, they have a very strict discipline: as he said, and voted 100%”, — he said, noting that if you do not know these circumstances, may be suspected of rigging the election.