“The beast from the East” is killing the Europeans in the EU are Siberian frosts

“The beast from the East” is killing the Europeans in the EU are Siberian frosts

In the EU continues to face the unusual Siberian frosts, which kill people, traffic in many cities is very difficult, dozens of canceled flights.


European forecasters dubbed standing over Europe cold fronts “Beast from the East” — an Arctic cyclone which came from Russia.

The poles are dying from frost

In Poland, from frost people continue to die.

“Five people died of hypothermia over the past day,” said a government security center.

The previous day, for the same reason, killed another five people. All, according to the center, from November 1 2017 due to hypothermia died 58 people.

Institute of meteorology and water management released on Monday warning of the first degree in connection with strong frost. The warning is valid for almost all areas of the country.

The coldest night

In Germany this winter from the cold already killed four people. And last night was in Germany the coldest this year, said the representative of the German met office (DWD).

“Temperatures across the country in the night of Wednesday pointed to the fact that we have established the cold — from medium strong to very strong”, — quotes the employee of the weather service the German news Agency dpa.

In the North, in lübeck recorded a record low temperature of minus 20 degrees. In the Alps the temperature gauge showed minus 26 degrees. On the highest German the top of the Zugspitz in Bavaria last night was minus 24 degrees, and it is still warmer in the night of Tuesday was minus 34 degrees. In the Central parts of Germany the temperature ranged from minus 10 to minus 18 degrees. The warmest region is the West of the country along the Rhine river in Dusseldorf the night was minus 9 degrees in Wiesbaden — minus 10.

In connection with the anomalous frosts charities urged municipalities to create additional space to accommodate for the night and just relaxing and heating of individuals with uncertain residence. Only in Berlin, where on Wednesday morning the thermometer showed minus 17 degrees, in the last days it created more than thousands of beds for the homeless, beds, placed in one of the hangars of the former Tempelhof airport, told city Senate.

Cold and heavy snowfalls in the North and South of the country resulted in the beginning of the week to numerous accidents, delays of departures at airports and interruptions in rail traffic, but now the situation on the roads is gradually improving. As stated by dpa representatives of the traffic police of the Federal States of North Rhine-Westphalia, Bavaria and Saxony, they are not stated in last night and no emergency situations, despite the intense cold. Black ice on the roads is not there yet.