Millennials can become the most obese generation

Millennials can become the most obese generation

The British medical Association against cancer (Cancer Research UK) published a report which says that the proportion of obese among the Millennials may be the highest of all previous generations. Scientists believe the main cause of obesity is an unbalanced diet — a love for organic food among Millennials often combined with a craving for unhealthy “junk” food, such as snacks.

The study of the organization Cancer Research UK says that on average more than 70% of Britons born from the early 1980s to mid-1990s (the so-called Millennium generation) will be obese at the age of 35-44 years. This is significantly higher than babyboomer generation (born mid 1940s to mid 1960s) — in this generation the proportion of obese is around 50%. The results of the study allow the British organization to say that the preservation of this trend are the Millennials may be the most fat of all the previous generations.

Scientists have noted that obesity can lead to 13 different types of cancer, including colon cancer, but in the UK knows that only 15% of the population.

NewsBritain has decided to fight obesity

Director of Cancer Research UK prevention, Alison Cox, said that “obesity is in the UK after Smoking, the main cause of cancer that can be prevented with prophylaxis. But many people do not know about this risk. If finds out more people, it can help members of all generations, not just Millennials, to reduce the chance of cancer”. Professor Cancer Research UK Linda bold emphasizes that “the Millennials are known for their commitment to healthy organic trends in the food, but nothing can be better than a balanced diet. You need to eat not only a lot of fruits, vegetables and other foods rich in fiber for example whole grain products, but also to reduce the consumption of junk food is the best way to maintain optimal weight.”

Therefore, researchers have called on the government to ban advertising of junk food during the daytime to 21 PM — to “protect young people from the influence of advertisements that promoted products leading to obesity.”

For education Cancer Research UK already had a campaign in one of the regions of England where people on the street heard the box that says “What’s the second most dangerous cause of cancer? (after Smoking.— “Kommersant”)”. It is reported that the people were very surprised when the box was found the chips, and the answer to the question was “obesity”.

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