Children have forgotten how to hold a pen for smartphones

Children have forgotten how to hold a pen for smartphones

Modern children are increasingly experiencing problems regarding how to hold a pen or pencil due to excessive use of technology. Due to the fact that they often use touch screens, the required muscles simply do not develop. About it writes The Guardian.

The problem is that the nature of the games young children has changed. Instead of developing the musculature of occupations such as designers, cutting and gluing paper, modern parents often offer their kids a tablet. “Children come to school not with the same levels of dexterity and hand strength, as ten years ago, says Sally Payne, pediatrician of the Foundation “Heart of England” the National health service in the UK. — In order to properly grab the pencil and move them, a child needs to well manage the small muscles of the fingers. Children should be able to develop these skills.”

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Children with such problems in the UK recommend individual therapy, activity which may require up to six months. “One of the problems is that the skills to hand-write each child develop individually, explains Melissa Prouty, Vice-President of the National Association of letter by hand. — Without further research there is a risk that we make too many assumptions about delays in the emergence of writing and do not interfere, although in reality the cause can be associated with the development of technology”.

In General, experts note that despite the many positive aspects of the impact of technology, gadgets due to the sedentary lifestyle which people are less engaged in physical labor, raises concerns.