Putin expanded the powers of the FSO

Putin expanded the powers of the FSO

Service are struggling to cope with hacker attacks against Russian information resources.

Russian President Vladimir Putin expanded the powers of the Federal guard service (FSO) — now it’s endowed with powers of information warfare, including the detection, prevention and response to hacker attacks on Russian information resources.

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According to the decree, published on the website of legal information Tuesday, the position of the FSO in terms of authority is supplemented by the following paragraph: “participates within its competence in implementation of the state policy in the field of international information security and providing information protection, detection, prevention and elimination of consequences of computer attacks to information resources of the Russian Federation”.

In addition, FSS is entitled to take measures for the protection of personal data and consent to processing of personal data of state protection and members of their families.

Another innovation is that the FSO can now not only organize, but also to provide on a reimbursable or non-reimbursable basis training for foreign special services if it is not contrary to the principles of the implementation of the state guard. Also, the FSO obtains the authority to organize and implement “in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation of extinguishing fires and conducting rescue operations”.

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