Scientists have learned how old age women after childbirth

Scientists have learned how old age women after childbirth

Childbirth can accelerate the aging female body, found researchers from George Mason University in the United States. The results were published in the journal Human Reproduction.

Scientists analyzed the DNA of nearly 2,000 women of reproductive age and found out that those of them who have children, the telomeres were shorter. Telomeres are the end segments of chromosomes that protect DNA and shorten with the aging of the body. Short telomeres associated with increased risk of cancer, heart disease, dementia.

Compared with nulliparous women, those who had at least one child, had telomeres 4.2% in short — this is equal to approximately 11 years of cellular aging (i.e., loss of cells ability to divide) or, according to scholarly estimates, three years of biological aging.

I wonder what childbirth effect on telomere length is stronger than Smoking or obesity. The more children a woman bore, the stronger was her shortened telomeres.

“We do not encourage having children,” the researchers emphasize.

Also they avoid to talk about any causal relationship between the number of births and telomere length and noted the need for further research to identify the causes of this correlation.

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