Sand: the tasks that will put Putin can be in the form of decrees

Sand: the tasks that will put Putin can be in the form of decrees

Tasks that will deliver the message to the Federal Assembly the Russian President and candidate for the presidency Vladimir Putin may be issued in the form of decrees, but there is another form of legal registration.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, answering journalists ‘ questions, recalled that on March 1, Putin address to the Federal Assembly.

“Of course, it is the constitutional duty of the President, he will announce this message in my capacity as the President of the Russian Federation. But since he is both a candidate during the electoral campaign, which now has a place, of course, the vision of the outcome of work over the past year and vision for the work anyway will coincide with the program of the candidate of Putin. It is inevitable,” — said the representative of the Kremlin.

According to him, “so, of course, the tasks will be outlined and current President Putin and candidate Putin one way or another will be recorded with the bureaucratic point of view”. “In this regard, media reports untrue”, — said Peskov. Earlier it was reported that Putin’s message will form the basis of new “may decrees” of the President.

A Kremlin spokesman said that “there are different ways to legal incorporation and fixation of the main guidelines, the main target parameters [letters]”. “One way are the presidential decrees, so of course, this possibility is considered. However, whether it is presidential decrees or will it be some other form of legal registration is [the decision] will definitely be taken by the President of the Russian Federation”, — said Peskov.

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