In the diet of the American military will include pizza

In the diet of the American military will include pizza

MOSCOW, Feb 25 — RIA Novosti. Pizza will be included in the rations of American soldiers in the near future, writes portal Military.

The publication notes that the shelf life of this pizza will be three years. U.S. military will offer only one kind of pepperoni, but in the future it is expected to expand the range.

According to the representative of the scientific center of the American army of David Acetta, military researchers have spent many years creating pizza without a considerable amount of preservatives, which can remain delicious and fresh under conditions of prolonged storage at high temperature.

According to representatives of the army, pizza in the diet will remind service members of home and to ease the conditions of military service.

The us military is unable to rations with pizza in 2019.

Earlier media reported about the threat to the plans of the President of the United States Donald trump to build military capacity because of the decreasing numbers of suitable military service of Americans who suffer, in particular, obesity.