“You show your ass because it’s fashionable”

“You show your ass because it’s fashionable”

Bare chest, burning cars and feminism: what is female rap.

Someone today it may seem strange, but female rap appeared at the same time, when I was born, the genre as a whole: Sha-Rock tracks released in 1979, when was the first hip-hop record in the world, Rapper”s Delight. However, women in rap somehow does not always commend, and their works are perceived with skepticism. Are struggling with what reperti what they are trying to tell the world what does feminism — in the material “Tape.ru”.

“Your vagina — polyester weave”

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If a woman found the courage to start doing what she’s good at it, it doesn’t mean that she’s a radical feminist and deliberately decided to combat gender-based discrimination that, ideally, at the root to destroy the opposite gender (although there are such examples). And yet, in the tracks of female rappers often heard the response to men saying that we are not worse than you. The main thing is to do it with a sufficient degree of self-irony.

In 2006, Mickey avalon has released a track, My Dick, which has consistently told why his penis is better than your penis. Were there such, for example, the line: “My dick VIP, your member — ask passport at the checkout.” The composition is dispersed in numerous kouba with Putin and Zhirinovsky, but few know that the song is and the female version.

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It has been recorded by American Grammy-nominated rapper Akvafina Sino-Korean origin. Name of the track My Vag and artist lists, respectively, the advantages of her vagina, responding at the same time and Mickey Avalon, and rivals of their own sex: “My vagina — curls Beyonce, your vagina — polyester hairpiece”. The chorus reads: “Akvafina is a genius and her vagina is 50 times better than a penis.”

“First of all planes, well, boys then”

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The first Soviet reperta is considered to be the Face Old, she’s Lika MC. Her debut single “you gotta move” (or “bi-Bi taxi”), and then by the album “Rap”, was released in 1990. Most interesting is that it was generally one of the first rap records in the Russian language — and nobody thought to say the Face that she climbs on the male’s territory.

First of all, first of all planes,
Well, boys and young men then sang it.

Lika star seems to have been the first in all the progressive undertakings in Russia. For example, first stripped for the cover of Playboy — even before Dana Borisova. And in 1994, bared Breasts in the music video for their song “Let the rain”, directed by Fyodor Bondarchuk.

“With their small Boobs and chubby belly I’m gonna take your man if you let me”

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Destiny, Frascari, or Princess Nokia, is an American Grammy-nominated rapper of African-Puerto Rican descent who loves to kick ass. Last year, for example, famously threw hot soup in the face of the man that insulted blacks. He shouted the word “nigger” in a new York subway and got what he deserved — in addition, the artist and even slapped him.

In the band’s 25-year-old Fraccari one album 1992 Deluxe and three mixtape. In the clips she usually smokes, eats, dances on other people’s cars and fights, spitting blood directly into the camera lens. The most popular song — Tomboy (“a Tomboy”). “With their small Boobs and chubby belly I’m gonna take your man if you let me. I guarantee he won’t forget me” — sings Princess Nokia.