Trump promises to introduce a “very rigorous inspections” for a gun permit

Trump promises to introduce a “very rigorous inspections” for a gun permit

WASHINGTON, 22 Feb — RIA Novosti. The President of the United States Donald trump amid tragedy in the school in Florida has promised to implement “very strict” checks for permission to purchase weapons.

Last week’s discussion about the limitations resumed with a new force on the background of the shooting at the school in the city of Parkland in Florida, where a former student shot and killed 17 people.

“We will be very strict in terms of inspections (for permit — ed.) is very rigorous in the inspections of mental health,” trump said Wednesday at a meeting with teachers and pupils in schools, including the school of city Parkland.

According to him, the next week it is planned to discuss the topic of safety in schools with representatives of a number of States.

“We will select the most serious offer, the most important proposals that will work, and we will make sure that they worked,” he said.

Previously, trump has called on both major parties in the United States to support the strengthening of checks when selling firearms.

In the US the right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second amendment to the Constitution. The powerful gun lobby opposes any further restrictions on the purchase of weapons. However, according to polls, the vast majority of Americans support increased inspections.

Now a criminal record, mental illness and other factors may prevent a potential buyer to purchase the weapons, however, the system often crashes, including in cases of mass shooting. Trump during the election campaign spoke out against restrictions on guns.